Organizers Manual

Resource Development Committee

Supports DMG's goal of developing sustainable financial support through a balance of corporate and community partnerships and sponsorships, arts council funding and earned revenue.

Membership Support & Community Outreach Committee

Responsible for membership drives, services and support, volunteer pool management, recruitment and advocacy.

Programming & Education Committee

Responsible for long-term planning and execution of all regular and major programming and events.

Conflict Resolution Committee

Responsible for developing and maintaining conflict resolution policies and procedures, and responding to all incident reports.

Community Promotion Committee

Promotes the work and accomplishments of our members on social media, through newsletters, and blog posts.

Responding to CoC Violations

How organizers respond to incident reports.

About DMG

An overview of our history, mission, and vision as an organization.

Director Register

Current and past directors of the board.

Finance Policy

Information about DMG's finance policy.

Board Meetings

Information about board meetings
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