Current Projects

Last updated: April 7, 2021

The following is a current list of projects managed by the Organizing Committee.

Monthly Speaker Socials

Our regular socials, featuring 2-4 speakers presenting games and other related work.

Textile Game Controllers Jam

Culminating event for our 2-year partnership with the Social Body Lab and game:play lab.


Ongoing tabletop programming, including GMing Club, open game nights, and TTRPG workshops.

Origin Stories

OAC funded program and exhibition happening in April 2020.

Damage Camp 2020

Annual conference

DMG tv

Scheduled re-broadcast of recorded talks from our library, to be supplemented in the future by any livestreamed quick talks

Quick Talks

New program of short (15-20 min) pre-recorded or live streamed video tutorials.

Narrative Design Workshop Series

Four-part series on narrative design, led by Kaitlin Tremblay and Natalie Zina Walschots.


2020 long program/intensive for new game makers.

Remote Realities

Partner themed commission residency and exhibition with program/mentor support. In collaboration with Trinity Square Video and supported/funded by EQ Bank.

Damage Labs

Yearlong incubator supporting 6 new game development studios led by DMG members.