Speaker and Artist Fee Policy

DMG recognizes the value of the time and experience of its members and guests, and strives to compensate all speakers and artists fairly.

Type Length Fee
Tutorials < 1 hour $75
Workshops < 4 hours $125
Workshops 4-7 hours $250
Artist talks < 1.5 hours $150
Presentation and Q&A at monthly social event < 15 minutes None
Arcade and showcase events None*
Performances < 4 hours $125
Technical and artistic consulting Varies

A letter of agreement is provided, and payment is usually made via Interac within 30 days. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.

* When part of a regular jam showcase, social event or fundraiser where voluntary submissions are requested. For curated exhibits held outside our venue, an exhibition fee is paid and varies depending on the venue and funding available–but generally meets CARFAC minimums.

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