Speaker and Artist Fee Policy

DMG recognizes the value of the time and experience of its members and guests, and strives to compensate all speakers and artists fairly.





< 1 hour


Workshops (evenings)

< up to 4 hours


Workshops (weekends/afternoons)

4-7 hours


Artist talks

< 1.5 hours



~ 1 hour panel


Panel moderation

~ 1 hour panel


Presentation and Q&A at monthly social event

< 15 minutes


Non-curated arcade and showcase events


Curated arcade/exhibition



< 4 hours


Technical and artistic consulting


A letter of agreement is provided, and payment is usually made via Interac within 30 days. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.

If you are not a Class A member of DMG or do not consider yourself to be a part of a marginalized identity group, or if you are comfortably able to afford it, we would be grateful if you opted to donate your time instead of accepting a fee.

* When part of a regular jam showcase, social event or fundraiser where voluntary submissions are requested.

** For curated exhibits held outside our venue, the exhibition fee may vary depending on the venue and funding available–but generally meets CARFAC minimums if held in Canada.