Membership Support & Community Outreach Committee

This committee is governed by the joint Terms of Reference.


This committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month

Current Members

  • Chair: Kaitlin Tremblay
  • Members: Meagan Byrne, Natalie Zina Walschots, Len Predko, Sebastian Pines, Tabby Rose, Santo Aveiro-Ojeda


Responsible for membership drives, services and support, volunteer pool management, recruitment and advocacy.

  • Provide resources to our community members to support them in their long-term careers
  • Provide access to fundamental resources (i.e. healthcare, legal aid, financial aid)
  • Develop partnerships with insurance, legal, healthcare providers to provide services to DMG members at reduced/no cost
  • Determine recruitment opportunities for new DMG members (i.e. Post-secondary, Friendship Centres, Game Jams, online spaces)
  • Represent the membership in industry advocacy/policy contexts
  • Develop and maintain HR policies for DMG staff and volunteers, including contracts/agreements, policies and procedures, succession planning, training and development, and performance review
  • Advocate for and teach others how to advocate for diversity and inclusion
  • Provide skills workshops on contract negotiations, HR discussions, and other skills related to navigating workplaces
  • Support our community through professional development training, partnered with the Programming committee
  • Streamline job recruitment requests from employers
Last revised: September 28, 2019