Welcome to the DMG Discord

The DMG discord is open to all members! If you haven't recieved you invite, lost it, it expired or your dog ate it please email discord@dmg.to with you name and member number, which can be found on your member profile here.

Our Discord is built to be similar to other DMG spaces--somewhere to chat and hang out and share projects and other ideas with members.

We have a few guides and tips to get you started.

Discord Code of Conduct

Like all DMG spaces and events all within the space must adhere to the DMG code of conduct and now we have an adapted version specific to the discord. Check it out!

Guide to Being a Mod

Interested in becoming a mod on the DMG server? We'd love to have you! Find all the details here.

Guide to streaming to the discord

We have several small rooms for folks to hang out. We welcome anyone to stream to the server. Try playing your fave game with friends, share you dev process, or show off your new game! Don't worry if you've never streamed before. It's a great place to start and in this article we have some tips to get you started.

Last revised: September 18, 2021