Conflict Resolution Committee

This committee is governed by the joint Terms of Reference.

Please also refer to the Conflict Resolution Policy.


This committee does not meet on a set schedule.

Current Members

  • Co-chairs: Izzie Colpitts-Campbell & Santo Aveiro-Ojeda
  • Members: Jen Costa, Kaitlin Tremblay
  • Ex-officio: Jennie Robinson Faber

Email the committee

Lines of Communication

  • To ensure transparency for current and future committee members, committee business must be communicated and documented (in the case of offline conversations/decisions) through:

    • A dedicated Basecamp project for the committee
    • Slack channel #cmte-conflict-resolut
    • Emails sent to a complainant, an offender, or third parties about a complaint should be CC’d to the Basecamp email address.


  • The committee should meet at least two times per year, but may meet as frequently as needed, on an ad hoc basis in order to respond to reports
  • One-half the voting members constitutes a quorum; chair or co-chair must be in attendance.
  • Minutes should be posted to the committee’s Basecamp project in a timely manner.

Additionally, CR committee procedures are driven by the following documents:


  • Develop and maintain conflict resolution policies and procedures
  • Respond to, document and track complaints and concerns regarding:

    • Violations of the code of conduct
    • Incidents that engage conflict resolution procedures
  • Report any serious disputes or conflicts to the board in a timely manner
Last revised: July 1, 2019