Event Set Up and Tear Down

Last updated 2 months ago

Here's what we typically need help with:

Set up

  • Workshops/classes: If more than 24 people are registered, set up 2 folding tables and 6 chairs at the back

  • Lectures/presentations: Move tables, take down power cables, and set up 40 folding chairs

  • Get snacks (socials only, unless otherwise planned), set up food table and put out water bottles and glasses

  • Put sandwich board sign out in front of building and prop doors with wedges (found on yellow table by front door)


  • Have a volunteer check folks in. To print registration list (admin only) go to the admin side event page, navigate to "Attendees" and hit the "Print" button.

  • Help with equipment/laptops

  • For exhibitions, panels, or other more formal events, please acknowledge that we are guests on Indigenous peoples' territory.

    • Hi, I'm _________ and I am a director / member / volunteer with Dames Making Games. DMG is a nonprofit game arts organization founded in 2012, and provides work space, community and educational programming for queer, genderqueer, nonbinary, Two Spirt, femmes and trans and cis women interested in all aspects of games – from art to programming, critique to play.

      Our workshops are free for members, so if you haven't joined already, check out dmg.to/membership for more information!

    • Mention one or two upcoming events

    • Introduce the instructor / speaker

Clean up

  • Fold and put away chairs and folding tables, reattach power

  • Put away laptops, power cables, mice, etc.

  • Wipe down work tables and replace felt mats

  • Sweep and wipe up any spills, dustbust up crumbs

  • Take out garbage (kitchen and bathroom) and recycling

  • Wipe kitchen counters, load and start dishwasher

  • Close all windows, turn out the lights and lock the door